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Finish Sanders

  • Ultra-fine finish
  • 10 sander models
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Vibration-free
  • Variable speed
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Coarse Sanders

  • Fast material removal
  • 5 sander models
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Vibration-free
  • Variable speed
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Detail Sanders

  • Detail sanding tasks
  • 4 sander models
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Vibration-free
  • Variable speed
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Drywall Sanders

  • Exceptional dust collection
  • 4 sander models
  • Lightweight, ergonomic
  • Low vibration
  • Variable speed
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Festool makes your paint prep work faster, and more profitable!

How does your workday look? You load up your truck in the morning, drive to the jobsite, unload and set-up, then the tedious part starts: Prepping the surface. Once prep work is done, the real fun begins: You start to paint. And at the end of the day you clean-up, make sure your customers are not annoyed by a big mess, you load your truck, and drive home.

Let's look at all this step by step and see, how Festool can save you valuable time and put more money in your pocket with their step reducing system:

Step 1: Loading your truck.

You know the routine: You pack different boxes with tools, abrasives, brushes, tape in your truck and hope you have everything you need for the day. The last thing you can afford is a trip to the store or back to the shop, because it will cost you time and money. The multiple boxes you use for storage are not made to work with each other, so you carry them one by one to the truck. How long does it take you? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? We think, it takes too long.

The Festool solution: We offer a container system called Systainers. These are boxes of different sizes that latch to each other and help you to organize everything you need to take to the jobsite. They also latch on top of the Festool vacuums, making the vacuum a portable dolly which results in one trip for set up.

Utilizing the Festool system will reduce wasteful hours in the morning, allowing you to get to work faster.

Paint Organization

Step 2: Setup.

Our research has shown, that the average painter needs between 30 minutes and 45 minutes in the morning to set-up the jobsite. This includes everything from transporting the tools and supplies to the jobsite, placing drop-cloths and tarps, and setting everything up. And you still have not put a brush in your hand.

The Festool solution: Painting contractors that use Festool products are ready to start prepping the surface (sanding) within 15 minutes. Why? First the Systainer system allows you to reduce the number of trips from the truck to the job. Utilizing Systainers makes for less trips, saving time. Secondly, the Festool system extracts the dust from sanding operation so well, that there is less need for covering furniture with plastic, taping doors shut, etc. Using the Festool system, the need for hand sanding can be reduced significantly. The Festool sander/vacuum combination takes care of dust, you can start prepping the surface within minutes after showing up on the jobsite, saving 15 to 30 minutes every day, 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes a week, 65 to 130 hours a year just in set-up time. At an hourly rate of $40, this is up to $5,200 in savings every year.

Paint Setup

Step 3: Paint prep.

As a professional painting contractor you know, that a properly prepped surface is very crucial for a job you can be proud of, and a job your customers are happy with. You invest countless hours in sanding, and since you cannot use your standard 5" random orbital sander on all surfaces, it leaves you with a lot of hand sanding and that's no way to increase profits. Hand sanding is no one's friend. It is time consuming, causes dust flying around, and produces a linear scratch pattern that is harder to cover than the fine scratch pattern of a power sander. When it comes to removing stubborn old paint, you have to use chemicals (what does your customer say about that?), a grinder (blowing a mind-boggling amount of dust all over the place), or a scraper (and a ton of elbow grease). There is a better way!

The Festool solution:

Festool has a sander for every sanding application:

Fast removal of stubborn/old paint Rotex sanders or RAS sander
Sanding trim LS 130 linear sander
Cabinets/built-ins, smaller surfaces ETS 125 5" random orbital sander or RTS 400 orbital sander
Details and corners DTS 400 or DX 93 sander
Finish sanding of large surfaces ETS 150 6" random orbital sanders
Drywall patch repair ETS 125 or RTS 400 sanders
Large drywall jobs Planex drywall sander

Do you need all these sanders? Maybe not. But you know that Festool has a sander to increase your productivity in any sanding situation.

Festool takes care of the dust

All sanders hook up to the Festool CT vacuums. Festool offers everything from small vacuums that are easy to carry around, including up-stairs and up scaffolding, to vacuums for bigger jobs or for working with two sanders at the same time. The sander/vacuum combination is so efficient, you can sand and paint in the same room, which will cut down on your waiting time for prep to be done before you can start painting, and reduces the need to coordinate different workers so they don't mess up each other's job.

Paint Interior Wall

Festool has abrasives specific to paint applications

Festool Granat was specifically developed for sanding of paint. No matter if you are working with Latex paint, VOC paints, multiple layers of paint, or delicate surfaces, Granat is the go-to abrasive for painting contractors. It lasts significantly longer than the abrasives you are used to, because it clogs less, even with problematic paints and lacquers, and in combination with the appropriate Festool sander, it cuts faster than other abrasives.

Paint Granat Abrasives

All this means you can save a significant amount of time during the prepping stage. But don't take our word for it, here is a concrete example:

Application Sanding of facade
Initially used Random orbital sander and abrasives from big box store
Time needed 1 minute 49 seconds for a small area
Festool solution Rotex dual-mode sander with Granat abrasives
Time needed 20 seconds for small area of the same size
Time savings 80%

The painting contractor in this example quoted this job with 40 hours of labor. With the use of the Festool Rotex sander, Festool CT vacuum, and Festool Granat abrasives he will finish the job in less than half the time, which will make this a highly profitable job.

Step 4: Clean up.

At the end of the day, you want to leave your customer's home as clean as possible. Customers judge your work not just by how the paint job looks, but also how much mess you left and how much you inconvenienced them.

After you have sanded by hand, or with a sander without dust extraction, you have a big mess to clean up. This can take up to 1 hour at the end of the day.

The Festool solution: Since all Festool sanders hook up to a highly efficient HEPA vacuum, the dust is contained in the vacuum and not spread on the floor and the furniture. At the end of the day, clean-up is a breeze and you are out the door faster. Painting contractors report that they save 30 to 45 minutes in clean-up every day. That is 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours 45 minutes a week, or 130 to 195 hours a year you are saving in clean-up time. At an hourly rate of $40, this is up to $7,800 in savings every year! And, probably even more important: Your customer will be happier and will more likely give your referrals and repeat business. Festool will give you the ability to stand alone when it comes to the bidding process.

Paint RRP HEPA Vacuum

Step 5: Break-down.

All done with your work? Ready to go home to the family and some well-deserved leisure time? How long does it take to pack everything up? How many trips do you have to do to the truck and back? As with setting-up in the morning, we think it takes longer than it should. Who is paying you for carrying single boxes to your truck? Nobody!

The Festool solution: The Systainers don't just shine when setting-up in the morning, but also when breaking-down in the evening. Cut down on the number of trips to your truck and on the time needed to pack everything up. Stack your Festool Systainers on top of your Festool vacuum, wheel everything to your truck, load it up, and go home. Time savings? We believe 15 to 30 minutes every workday. That is 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes a week, 65 to 130 hours a year just in set-up time. At an hourly rate of $40, this is up to $5,200 in savings every year.

Paint Organization

The bottom-line?

Saving time means saving money, resulting in completing more jobs in less time. You will be able to get more business, because your bids are going to be more competitive when you are able of doing your work in less time. Simply put, your business will be more profitable and you will have more money in your pocket.

But that is not all. Working with Festool sanders and vacuums will make your work not just faster, but also easier (who likes tedious hand sanding?), and smarter (who likes to inhale dust and clean-up?)

Something else? Yes, your customers will be happier if they see you taking care of the dust with a HEPA certified vacuum, and don't leave a mess.

Not convinced yet? Try for yourself. Festool offers their Time Savings Guarantee. Pick up a Festool sander/vac combo, use it for 30 days in a real work environment. If you don't see the savings, we'll take the sander and vacuum back for a full refund. What are you waiting for?

Paint Guarantee

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